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Joel PE King (JPEK) is an American visual and performing artist born and raised in southern Illinois.   Establishing his company, JPEK CreativeWorks Theatre, out of St. Louis, MO, he uses this platform to originate conscious, creative content for stage, tv and film.  Whether he is performing the next creation or he's directing it, Joel PE King lives for the opportunity to live out his imagination.  He is a servant to his craft and the community in which it feeds. 

Promoting young, independent artists, Joel PE King has established JPEK CreativeWorks as the incubator for other emerging artists.  Through it's theatre and film components, there are educational opportunities

provided for the development of the artists and new content.  This is provided through intense on-stage and on-camera instruction, professional performances and workshops shaped for industry taste.  

JPEK CreativeWorks only seeks to provide more creative opportunities for artists.  This endeavor will be met through working relationships with other theatre and film production companies, visible involvement with educational institutions and staging viable content.  

As it continues to emerge as one of the top progressive, professional entertainment companies, Joel aims to keep humanity first.  Reigniting the purpose of values through quality performance and content, Joel PE King and the team of JPEK CreativeWorks Theatre will not concede to failure in its attempt to engage their audience with messages of hope and awareness that transcends throughout generations.  


Real Life hip hopera Project H.O.M.E. Tour 2020


June 24th thru 28th

Thursday - Saturday Evening 7:30pm

             Saturday & Sunday Matinee 3pm

Grandel Theatre
3610 Grandel Square

St. Louis, MO 63108



August 15th & 16th 


Saturday  & Sunday

Matinee 3pm

Saturday Evening 



Porter Sanford Theatre 

3181 Rainbow Drive

Decatur, GA 30034

Synopsis:  Real Life is a musical that explores the attitudes of urban living. The main character Ray, has a test of faith

as he is forced to choose his morality over a sensationalized street nature that may lead to his demise.

Identifying with the consequences and repercussions, the community intervenes to affect his choice,

while facing struggles from their own threats of crime and daily living. Ray connects his fate to his

environment and sense of abandonment, thus triggering his reckless behavior and neglect of fatherhood.

Through the power of community, acts of faith and an enduring grandmother, Ray embraces redemption.


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About Joel pE King

  Joel P. E. King, “JPEK”, is a native of East Saint Louis. Graduating from SIU Edwardsville, Joel attained a B.A. in Studio Arts with a minor in music and theater.King is an entrepreneur, performer, writer, director and producer.  Traveling across the nation, King “purposefully” finds himself back in St. Louis, using his artistic skills to entertain and inspire. His production company, JPEK CreativeWorks, has had great success bringing quality, original productions. As a result of his business endeavors, he has hired and assisted in developing some of St. Louis's finest talents. Through his courageous, socially driven stage plays, monumental events have been given a “fresh” voice. He has received three city proclamations, two cover stories (Riverfront Times and Zoom Magazine) and massive support for his stage works: Real Life, Issues of Love and Stand Your Ground. It has become a standard to include celebrity talents to his bill as a way of audience attraction and artist development for the performers. King is "Broadway bound" with his works being compared to the late August Wilson. 

 Joel King is a talent with Talent Plus Agency and part of the Screen Actors Guild/AFTRA, yet he still finds himself exercising his talents on stage as an performer as well.   Theater credits that precede Joel are:  Spunk, Knock Me a Kiss, Raisin in the Sun, Colored Museum, Immigrant Project, In the Blood, Dutchman….  Musical credits are:  Real Life Hip hopera, Big River, Damn Yankees, Bubblin Brown Sugar, Ain't Misbehavin, The Color Purple, The Sam Cooke Story, Complancency of Silence in which he received a Kevin Kline Nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Musical.  Joel has world premiered in operas; Ruth and Joshua's Boots, just to name a few.  He toured with gospel show A House Divided where he performed before BET-Comic Award Winner Tyler Perry who complimented on a "job well done".  Joel King has attained leading and supporting roles in independent films such as: Pieces of a Dream to star Raz B,  Ishmeal Meet the Grave of Haagar and award winning movie Ruzzian Roulette.  His recent movie credits include MMG's "Stratosphere" and Kim Conner's "Before I Do" to also star Jensen Atwood, Omar Gooding and Andrea Kelly.  “I aim to inspire the world.” -JPEK 



Issues of Love

Stand Your Ground

The Elder's Circle

Joel P. E. King - The Performer

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